Junior Payroll Administrator

Position Purpose

The Payroll Administrator plays a pivotal role within our accounting firm, responsible for the precise and compliant management of payroll for our diverse client base. This position is dedicated to ensuring that all payroll processes are executed with meticulous attention to detail, unwavering adherence to relevant laws and regulations, and a commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and security of employee data. By leveraging comprehensive knowledge of payroll procedures and exceptional organizational skills, the Payroll Administrator contributes to the firm’s mission of delivering top-tier financial services. Furthermore, the role emphasizes the paramount importance of providing exceptional customer service, fostering client satisfaction, and upholding the firm’s reputation for excellence in payroll administration. The purpose of this role is to ensure the seamless and efficient execution of payroll-related tasks while upholding the highest standards of accuracy, compliance, and client service.

Position Summary

Your primary responsibility will be the accurate and compliant management of payroll for our diverse clientele. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that all payroll processes are executed with precision and in full adherence to applicable laws and regulations. Your meticulous attention to detail, exceptional organizational abilities, and comprehensive knowledge of payroll procedures will be essential for this role. The confidentiality and security of employee data will be entrusted to you, and your dedication to providing exceptional customer service will be paramount.

Position Duties and Responsibilities

A description of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position; also referred to as the essential functions:

  • Payroll processing for a diverse range of clients including statutory submission.
  • Ensure statutory compliance for client’s payroll related matters.
  • Address SARS queries, correspondence, verifications, and audits
  • Perform or assist in the registration and de-registration of payroll related registrations
  • Assist clients in payroll related debt management interventions.
  • Perform administrative duties and inhouse administrative functions as required from the time to time.
  • Assist and perform other employment solution related services.

Detailed tasks for the duties and responsibilities will be made available during the recruitment process

Position Supervisory Responsibilities

Type and scope of supervisory responsibility that is expected from this position:

  • Trains, provides work direction, and problem-solving assistance for trainees

General information 

Position level:

  • Level 1 (junior)


  • Permanent

Membership and Accreditations:

  • None.


  • Matric
  • A relevant 3 Year Diploma, or similar qualification from a recognised tertiary institution will be advantageous;


  • Have gained at least 1 years’ relevant experience in a payroll environment within an audit / accounting environment


    • Office product suite.
    • Payroll systems
    • Practice Management Software.
    • SARS systems.
    • COIDA and UIF Systems.

    Skills and Attributes:

    These skills and/or abilities is required to be successful in this position:

    • Commercial acumen
    • Ability to perform basic calculations mentally to quickly check the accuracy of data.
    • Produce work with a high level of accuracy
    • High attention to detail
    • Above average administrative skills and organisational abilities;
    • Ability to always maintain discretion and privacy when dealing with sensitive information.
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Ability to perform under pressure
    • Ability to perform in a complex and fast-changing environment
    • Ability to work independently and think proactively;
    • Excellent data entry skills
    • Professionalism in appearance, communication and behaviour
    • Ability to communicate professionally
    • Ability to prioritise
    • Ability to plan and organise own program
    • Strong ability to work affably with others;
    • Intermediate computer skills
    • Proficient in Afrikaans and English (Read, Write and Speak)
    • Problem solving skills
    • Data processing and manipulation skills
    • Technology savvy
    • Willing to take initiative to deliver results and grow as an individual
    • Ability to work with and understand entrepreneurs.
    • Ability to function in teams

    Working Conditions

    The following working conditions applies:

    • This position is office based in order to provide the best learning environment.
    • Remote work is subject to team requirements.
    • Travel might sometimes be required.
    • It is expected from the employee to embrace continuous professional development in own time.


    Market related remuneration.

    Indevaldi is part of a versatile group scheme that offers comprehensive coverage for life insurance, funeral expenses, severe illness, disability, and more. In addition, Indevaldi provides various internal benefits to further enhance the well-being of its members.

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