Ensure Legal Compliance for Your Business with Legal 360

Safeguard Your Business Against Risks and Ensure Legislative Compliance

Your ultimate solution for ensuring your business’s compliance with the ever-evolving legislative landscape. In just a few clicks, busy entrepreneurs, who may be unfamiliar with intricate legal requirements, can access a comprehensive checklist through our streamlined assessment. Safeguard your business against potential legal pitfalls and secure your relationships with partners, shareholders, clients, employees, and financiers. Gain insights into your compliance status, allocate resources effectively, and fortify your business against immediate and future legal risks.

Your Path to Compliance Excellence

Assess Your Compliance Holistically

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s adherence to legal regulations across the board.

Identify Immediate Legislative Requirements

Pinpoint and address the most urgent legal obligations that your business needs to meet.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Make informed decisions about where to direct your limited resources for maximum legal risk mitigation.

Future-Proof Your Business

Prepare your business to navigate future legal challenges by proactively addressing potential compliance gaps.

Expertise to Fix Weaknesses

Access our specialized knowledge, skills, and tools to strengthen any identified legal vulnerabilities and enhance overall compliance.

Our Approach to Transformative Legal Guidance

Navigating legal compliance has never been this straightforward. Our user-friendly process ensures that you can effortlessly secure your business’s adherence to legislative requirements:

Access the Assessment

Click the link provided to access the Legal 360 assessment form.

Answer Concise Questions:

Respond to a series of concise questions designed to evaluate your business’s legal compliance.


Receive an analysis of your compliance status, highlighting strengths and potential areas of improvement.

Expert Consultation

Discuss your results with our advisory through an online 30min consultation.

Get Started with Legal 360 Assessment

Don’t leave your business’s compliance to chance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the legal 360 assessment quickly and securely?

We will send a link to the assessment.

Does the legal 360 assessment expose me to risks?

Absolutely not! The assessment is risk-free.

Where can I access the assessment results?

The assessment results will be discussed during an online or personal consultation.


Ferdie Lochner

Director: Legal Services