Navigating the statutory landscape with Indevaldi Regulatory Compliance Services

Written by Schalk Greeff (CA) SA

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January 29, 2021

Navigating the statutory landscape with Indevaldi Regulatory Compliance Services

The legal landscape is constantly changing, evolving, and becoming more complex. Keeping up with all the various acts, regulations, and rules is a headache and sometimes impossible for a small to medium-sized business.  Yet, failing to comply at best may lead to unforeseen risks and at worst to serious financial setbacks accompanied by fines, the threat of incarceration and reputational damage.


Indevaldi Regulatory Compliance Services is committed to be the entrepreneur’s partner on the journey of breaking down the complexities of regulatory compliance, assisting entrepreneurs in implementing regulatory prescriptions and ensuring continues compliance with regulatory changes.


We offer a variety of risk and regulatory services that includes:

  • Holistic regulatory services – a 360-degree assessment of organizational compliance requirements followed by the design and consultative implementation of targeted interventions combined with regular post-project check-ins.
  • Corporate Governance – ranging from chairperson roles to non-executive director and company secretary roles, all performed in compliance with the prescripts of the Companies Act and related legislation.
  • Enterprise risk management – identification and assessment of compliance-related risks, combined with the prioritization and management of such risks.
  • Financial risk management – performed in a holistic fashion for the whole business to include regulatory obligations following from financial related acts.
  • Targeted interventions – each of the listed services may be limited to an individual assignment focusing on a specific statutory requirement, should this be the business requirement.

About Indevaldi

Indevaldi aims to empower and inspire entrepreneurs around the globe to build sustainable businesses that offer promising careers for their people, that create economic growth, and that ultimately lead to positive spin-offs for all their stakeholders.

We achieve this by providing world-class and quality professional services to entrepreneurs in small to medium-sized businesses at an affordable price through a network of professional services firms and associates.

With the introduction of Indevaldi Regulatory Compliance Services, Indevaldi broadens the scope of a well-rounded service offering to entrepreneurs everywhere!


Ferdie Lochner (PhD)

Director | Regulatory Compliance