What You Need to Know About POPIA

Get an overview of the major points of POPIA and find out how Indevaldi approaches customer information management

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How we can help you become and stay compliant with POPIA.

Supporting the Information Officer

This product comprises a virtual service made available to businesses on a permanent basis through payment of a monthly fee.  Generally, this service comprises an oversight and control framework which considerably eases the duty upon the CEO or the relevant delegated officer towards fulfilling his or her Information Officer duties.

POPIA Compliance Journey

Completion of a standardized assessment to understand your POPIA risks and provisional data profile. The assessment produces a report that shows the areas requiring further intervention. Based on the POPIA assessment results, we engage with you on understanding the risk areas elevated in the assessment report, identifying the scope of intervention required and proposing the roadmap to compliance that highlight the priorities of implementation.

POPIA Policies and practices

We assist you with formulating and implementation of POPIA polices and best practices.

Ferdie Lochner (PhD)

Ferdie Lochner (PhD)

Director | Regulatory Compliance

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